Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Gorgeously Green

My husband, the conservationist, lets nary a day go by without removing the dishes I’ve put in the dish washer to hand wash them himself (it saves water), reminding me to unplug my hair straightener after using it (it saves electricity), or commenting on the amount of waste we produce (our landfills are too full as it is and our trash always manages to find it’s way into our oceans).

Some people may see this gentle prodding as annoying, I see it as consciousness. And after reading Gorgeously Green, I’m ready to embrace his suggestions, and many more, whole heartedly.

When this book is officially released, I recommend picking up a copy, diving in, and learning the easy (and some not-so-easy) ways you can improve your life and help our Earth. The author, Sophie Uliano, guides readers down a beautiful path of improved health, conscious consumption and eco-friendly practices.

It sounds costly and time consuming, right? It can be. But it can also be a matter of good common sense, simple changes and better awareness. For example, Sophie shares with readers ways to reduce your junk mail, how to get a free reusable grocery bag, and a Web site with a comprehensive database of beauty products. Ever want to know what’s really in your moisturizer? You might change your mind after this.

As a foodie with an unquenchable thirst for recipes and food tips, the book left nothing to be desired. Sophie presents yummy recipes including veggie couscous, cucumber soup and coconut macaroons.

Her endless supply of kitchen knowledge includes:
-how to conserve energy in the kitchen (try a slow cooker, it uses less electricity)
-where to find organic, local foods in any community (even companies that deliver)
-how to create a compost pile (this city dweller will have to wait on that one)
-why a wooden cutting board is best (they don’t cause pollution during the manufacturing process and have natural antibacterial qualities)

She also includes a helpful guide to oils, veggies and seafood to try and what to avoid at all costs.

You know how sometimes you see an alarming TV program about Global Warming or read an article about pollution, and you walk away from it feeling helpless? Gorgeously Green made me feel hopeful- that if I made small changes in my lifestyle, our Earth may just make it a little longer.

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