Friday, February 29, 2008

Elephant Toes

The name is wonderful, and every time I think about these oversized, pungent bulbs of garlic, I crave their spreadable-when-cooked consistency on French baguette.

I picked up a particularly large bunch when I was in Seattle (though they were native to Honey Grove Farm in Oregon)and roasted them in one of these with a little bit of basil infused extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and pepper. The smell of these lovely morsels as they slowly soften and roast is heavenly. I can hardly wait for them to be done so I can rip into a baguette and spread them on top.

As if the experience couldn’t be any more delightful, the bulbs come in a package with a label that offers up “Further Explorations of Elephant Toes” for the curious cook. It reads:

Mince toes and add to scrambled eggs, barbeque sauce, mushrooms, salads, pastas and strews. Be generous – you won’t be overwhelmed, only complimented.
Thinly slice toes, sauté very quickly and serve in stir fries as a vegetable.
For a very special treat, mash baked toes into your baked potatoes.
Intrigue the gourmet at your barbeque by adding half-steamed toes in the shells to the BBQ 20 minutes before serving. Fragrantly enticing!
Jazz up ho-hum roast or chicken by adding peeled toes to the roasting dish 45 minutes before serving. A four star touch
(Here’s my favorite part!) Risk & Daring- invigorate life and meals- Add finely grated minced toes to chocolate – especially truffles. Amaze your guests, astound your friends, build a reputation for courage and taste.

Personally, I’d love a reputation for courage and taste. And if garlic can do that for me, so be it!

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