Friday, February 1, 2008

Rainy days

Just a rainy Friday afternoon, and I’m sure many of us are wishing for the same thing- sweatpants, hot tea, our own couch and Love Actually (or Bridget Jones, or Steel Magnolias, or Rocky, or Devil Wears Prada, or- you get the picture.)
So the perfect rainy day meal…for me, grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Follow it up with a cat nap on the couch and I’m in pure heaven. Heck, I’d go for a cold cheese sandwich right now if it meant I could eat it at home.
I have Jarlsberg and mild cheddar cheese at home. I think either tastes fantastic between two hot, buttery pieces of toasted bread. But then I saw this. And THEN I saw this. And then, I figured his highness, Mario Batali just had to have a grilled cheese recipe, so I googled it, and found THIS.
My question- when did grilled cheese go gourmet? Do you think it’s better that way? Is it more about the nostalgia of childhood grilled cheese that makes it comfortable and delicious, or does fancy grilled cheese really got something going?

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