Tuesday, February 19, 2008

To Market, to Market

I finished My Life in France, by Julia Child, on the plane ride to Seattle. I could say so many positive things about the book, but what I’d like to think is most evident throughout is Julia’s ability to love tirelessly, and with great excitement, the things that mattered most in her life- one of which was her husband, Paul. From beginning to end, Julia gives a sense of their devout friendship, wonderful partnership, and commitment to one another’s dreams. If not her biggest fan, Paul was her biggest help in becoming the Julia Child we all watched on TV and still call on for inspiration in making French food. Theirs truly was a love story.

It’s also no secret Julia loved French cuisine, culture and markets (she refers to “marketing” throughout the book, and I chuckle at the term, which, these days, means something completely different. As a Director of Marketing during the day, I certainly wish I made a living doing the type of marketing she wrote about.)

This was the perfect book to read on my way to Seattle, as Emily and I spent a fair amount of time navigating Seattle’s own markets. What vacation would be complete without a visit to the Pike Place Market? It seemed the theme is oversized everything- the fish, the peroshkies (Russian for stuffed pastry), the vegetables- everything was giant-sized. And I bought my fair share of these large, local specialties.

The only small item I saw (and bought) all day was a bottle of white truffle oil, which I can’t wait to dribble over mashed potatoes, leek soup and maybe even some macaroni and cheese.

And yes, I posed with a fish guy.

On Sunday we stumbled over to the Fremont Market. I use the word stumble because I was mostly stuffed from the previous night’s generous seafood and wine consumption at Ray’s Café (or maybe it was the jet lag? Nevermind.) I’m glad we made it- two elderly gentlemen charmed us at their booth with generous samples of fresh bread, pomegranate vinaigrette and basil-infused olive oil. Gary and his sweet old friend, of Olympic Olive Oil Company displayed a variety of homemade oils and vinegars that they hope will one day become their full time job. Judging from their charisma and the taste of that basil-infused olive oil, they have a good shot at it. I sure bought some.

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