Thursday, February 21, 2008

To Do

It’s Thursday and I’ll be spending this weekend here in DC- so it’s about time I start making my list of things to cook, things to read, things to eat (and serve)

Finish Kitchen Confidential. This is one quick, witty, true-to-kitchen-life read. I picked it up on Sunday and gave myself a headache on the plane, because I read it for five hours, straight. I’ve been swallowing bits of it since then, but hope to indulge myself one more time in an hour or two of purely cynical fun.

Take a walk to ACKC. I’ve walked by a few times, read several reviews, and visited their web site. Each of these things leaves me yearning for a rich, potent cup of hot cocoa.

Cook up a meal from Make it Super Simple with G. Garvin. You know you’ve got it good when your sweetie pie gets you the perfect gift without even asking what you want- in my case, a cookbook. This was my Valentine’s Day gift, and I think it’s about time I sent a thank you note in the form of a fabulous meal.

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