Monday, February 11, 2008

Fun with Silicone-my muffins like it!

I’ve collected a variety of Wilton silicone baking tools, such as muffin pans, cake pans, a vegetable steamer and a pot holder over the past year but I must admit, I’ve been hesitant to use them.

While silicone is incredible at withstanding high heat, it’s also very pliable. And while that bendiness may come in handy in some cases, it can also be a curse. I was nervous about the cake pan, for example. You pour in the batter, and then you have to somehow keep the bottom flat while you get the pan into the oven- I could see an accident waiting to happen. So I’ve stayed away from the lot of them.

But this was a weekend that called for muffins. Warm, fluffy muffins on Sunday morning. I decided to skip my usual muffin pan and opt for the silicone one, calling out to me from the depths of a cabinet. Why not? I opted for a simple corn muffin recipe. If there were leftovers, they’d go well with the dinner I was planning.

Ladies and gents, I think I’m a convert. While it was a little more difficult to get the muffin pan into the oven, even someone with questionable coordination and a regular case of clumsiness (i.e., me) could maneuver it. I didn’t have to grease the pan before I cooked the muffins, and the ease at which the muffins came out of the pan after they were cooked was a huge selling point. They baked beautifully, tasted great, and were easy to make. The pan was also extremely easy to clean, which is a nice change from the scrubbing that ensues from the occasional crusty muffin leftovers that stick to a metal pan.

Get ready, cake pan- you’re next!

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