Friday, January 25, 2008

Excuses, excuses

I look for reasons to cook. It’s not that I don’t genuinely love my friends and family and want to see them often, but I must confess that my desire to host a party (or small get together, considering the size of el condo) stems from a need to cook, cook, COOK! Oh, and plan. I like to plan, plan, PLAN.
It’s not just groups, either. It’s every-days. 8 a.m. and we’re walking to work in 25 degree chilliness, and I immediately start thinking about what I want to make for dinner. It seems like it’s going to be a steak and sweet potatoes sort of night. I usually bake them, but tonight might be the night to try these. (It’s like desert with your main course!) And probably some red wine to go with.
But see what I mean? I haven’t even had morning coffee and I’m already thinking about my evening appetite.
I’m excited for Sunday. I’m part of a women’s writing group, courtesy of the fabulous Jackie, and I’ll be co-hosting this week’s event with Amanda. I left the content of the meeting to her genius, as my immediate questions were instantly about the menu. It seems like a brunch sort of meal to me, so I’m planning mini quiches, fruit kabobs, muffins (courtesy of Amanda) and the group’s signature drink, mimosas.
I’m still newly-married-enough to really look forward to using my wedding gifts (those that manage to fit in the condo…many are at my parents house, in my brother’s closet, just waiting to be used by his grubby hands…HANDS OFF JOE!!!) I’m thinking about silver platters for quiches and kabobs, crystal pitchers for orange juice and a glass tea kettle for straining green tea.
If you’re looking for a free meal, look no further. Come on down.

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Julia said...

I had a lovely time meeting you all.