Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Getting a buzz

So if you haven't checked out Foodbuzz, you should. I just got done rating my favorite DC restaurants. It made me realize I've had some pretty fantastic meals, but I'm nowhere near done working my way through the best (and the worst) that our city has to offer.

My highest ranked restaurant? TenPenh. Maybe it's the nostalgia it has to offer (it's where my husband took me after he proposed) or maybe it's the atmosphere or friendly staff, or maybe it's just the fantastic food. I think it all works together to create one fantastic pan-Asian feast.

My favorite TenPenh dish? Chinese Style Smoked Lobster. I can't get enough of this beautiful, crispy dish that combines flavorful lobster, fried spinach and a sauce that lets the lobsters natural flavor shine. I've often opted for the Pan Seared Scallops (and have never been disappointed) but the Lobster can't be beat. Mmmmm, someone's getting hungry...

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