Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Holy Yellowfin Tuna, Batman!

According to this web site, Wasabi is opening a new place on 14th and U Street.


I've been waiting for sushi near the U Street metro for years now. My husband and I even joked about opening our own place (we, of course, know nothing about sushi except that we love eating it and enjoy watching people use chopsticks for the first time...te he he...)

A place opened next to (and is a part of) Sala Thai on U, but we've only visited once due to the fact that:

a) it was extremely hot in there!

b) it smelled fishy

c) we felt we paid more than the quality was really worth

So let's hope Wasabi is better! I'm heading to one of their other places tomorrow night, hopefully it sets the stage for many great dinners to come at Wasabi on U Street!

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