Monday, January 7, 2008

If at first you don't succeed...

...fry, fry again.This is my motto after this weekend’s potato chip letdown.
I followed this recipe quite literally, and the first batch came out reasonably crispy, but every subsequent batch was soggy and never got crunchy, even after time spent lying on wax paper….a lot of time.
I knew this recipe looked too easy.
It’s not that I don’t trust my microwave. It’s given me a tremendous amount of weeknight help, defrosting meat and fish at rapid speed after a day of work spent wishing I had remembered to take the damn thing out of the freezer the night before. I’m also a huge fan of cooking sweet potatoes in the microwave- wash, puncture the skin in a few places with a fork and cook for 7 minutes. All I do is add a little butter and brown sugar and viola- “baked” sweet potatoes.
I’ll also admit I’m a sucker for microwaving vegetables. The ease at which they cook (and likewise do NOT dirty a pan from the added EVOO used to sautĂ© them…also adding calories) is great, and even a person like me who LOVES to cook (and enjoys the painstaking efforts to which I must often go) appreciates an easy veggie every once in a while.
I just have a feeling that oven-baked potato chips are the way to go. So I vow to dig my Kitchenaid shredder out from the depths of my under-the-sink cabinet once again to finely slice potatoes and cook them….all for the love of potato chips and this blog.
Speaking of the Kitchenaid, my love for it grows and grows. The slicer was easy to use and created the most perfect potato chips you’ve ever seen. It comes with two slicing attachments to make thick and thin slices, along with various shredders…I feel zucchini bread happening very soon.

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